The Body Mall

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Location: Redmond
8891 NE 161st Ave.

Located near Glow City in downtown Redmond, it used to be a hospital, but now all four floors are broken up into a “mall” (or bazaar if you like) of medical practices from cut-rate cyberware and biomods to patching you up after a firefight or treating those bites and scratches the devil rats gave you.

ShadowSEA Comments

If you need to go under the knife and you’re on a budget (or on the run, for that matter), then the Body Mall in Redmond is your first, and possibly only, choice. The docs at the Body Mall don’t ask questions and prefer to be paid in cash, although some do barter (since “sucking chest wound” isn’t exactly a strong negotiation position).

Note that the term "Doc is more often than not an honorific around the Body Mall. Some are actual MDs, while others are anything from nurses, former combat medics, and PAs(physician’s assistants) to uncertified amateurs who have “picked up a few things.” If you can, try and get Dr. Elaine Pinsky or Dr. Moe Arasaka, both qualified physicians. Arasaka is a troll and former combat medic for some corp.

Be aware that the vultures circle the Body Mall all the time, Tamanous has connections there and pays well for spare parts, so the profit is often the same (or even more) to the doc if you kick off.
~Hard Exit

Dr. Hanson Seever has been operating a clinic out of the Body Mall for the past year or so, looking to treat people in Glow City, but rumor has it he’s also using it as a “tag and Release” program to cull out the reasonably healthy patients and track them so when cancer, radiation, or just other denizens of Glow finally get them, he can “harvest” what’s left. Waste not, want not.

The Body Mall

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