May 2071

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May 6th, 2071

“No Release In Sight”
Seattle Times

… Protesters have been stationed round the clock at the Knight’s headquarters. They have been forming a living barrier around the entrances to prevent any Knights from entering or leaving. So far the Knights are avoiding confrontation. With the memories of the Night of Rage in the back of everyone’s mind it’s probably for the best idea. Though it’s actually probably due to the lack of space for detainees within the building. They are already triple over capacity as is…

… The whole world is looking onto what the next move is going to be and unfortunately nearly everyone has a bleak prediction as to what will happen. Just look at Seattle’s history: back in the 1940’s every Asian American was hauled off to concentration camps during WWII; in 1999 Seattle was torn apart by the WTO protests, and over 600 were detained for weeks (sound familiar to a similar couple hundred detained at the moment?); and most recently with the Night of Rage, it’s no wonder everyone is on edge…

May 12th, 2071

“Make a LEGAL stand”
Sounder’s Advice

…Despite the successful prison break made by 21 members of The Lost (7 souls parished in the escape), the remaining members have had to suffer even harsher treatments at the hands of the Knights…

…Annie Smith, the face of The Lost, calls upon Governor Brackhaven to step up and use his power to order their release. Yesterday, in a broadcast viewed by millions worldwide, she had this to say, "… it is [Brackhaven’s] duty to get these people free. We have done nothing wrong. We are citizens of Seattle and the UCAS, and it is his job to protect us. The conditions that my brethren are living under is brutal. We cannot stand for this. I encourage everyone to join the “Find the Lost” movement and I beg you to help us. Please, just imagine if someone you know is one of us; Lost…"

…According to Knight Errant division head, Ellie Ward, “This is a tough situation and my people are under great strain. I would love to work with Brackhaven to get these poeple free, but there is such a thing a protocol with high security risks such as this. After all, they have killed honest hard working officers. Something that everyone seems to be forgetting…”

… Good ol’ Ellie has a point. If it’s protocol and paperwork that will get them free, then that’s what we need to do. All the activism and protesting is good and all, but what we need is legal action. We need to stay smart about this and play by their rules. Activism is nice, but it’ll get us nowhere…

May 26th, 2071

“EVO my ass”
MicMac ’What’s up Seattle?’

rumor has it these “LOST” ones are getting their memories back. bout DAMn time…

i still say this hole things reeks of RENRAKU. but more than a few of my fellow insiders have been pointing at EVO.

big fuckN woop. there R alot of METAtype in the group. theres alot of them in my building to. doesnt mean its run by the grand masters of EVO. just sayN

cmon ppl! the ACHE! how can you get past that!

May 2071

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