Glow City

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The partial meltdown of the Trojan-Satsop nuclear plant in the south eastern area of Redmond some sixty years ago contaminated Beaver Lake and the surrounding land for kilometers with radioactive articles. In 2028 Shiawase Atomics built a new plant next to the resting hulk of the old one, reasoning that the already contaminated land would be available for development on the cheap (they were right).

After the Ghost Dance War and later the Crash of ’29, squatters and refugees moved into the abandoned area nicknamed “Glow City,” taking over empty buildings and facilities and setting up their own tent cities and ghettos. The metroplex government made some toke attempts to remove them, but quickly gave up, and the squatters stayed. Since then, the transient population has continued to grow despite the incredibly fight death rate form cancer and radiation sickness, to say nothing of the massive infant mortality rate and some of the hideous radiation-induced mutations. Some magicians have dome their best to help the locals cope using healing magic, but their efforts are too small to make such of a difference.

The existing population has seen an influx of some changelings from other parts of the Barrens and metroplex. There are also persistent rumors of all kinds of freakish creatures living in and around Glow City, although (hopefully) most of them urban legends.

ShadowSEA Comments

Glow City is the pulsating, poisoned heart of polluted astral space in the Redmond Barrens. The rusting ruins of the nuclear plant burn like a sickly green sun, shedding an unwholesome light over everything, a light that chases away the spirits and scatters delicate spells to the etheric winds. You can feel it burning across your spirit-body – it’s a wonder any worker of the Art can function in the area for long.

The only ones that can have embraced the poison sun. They worship "the Glow’ and the “gifts” that is brings, likening the hideous radiation-induced mutations to the transformations f the Awakening. They believe Glow City and places like it are starting places of the next great transformation for metahumanity. Their faith and fervor are rewarded with the power to wield the tainted mana of this place and call upon it’s spirits, creatures no sane magician can deal with safely.
~Axis Mundi

Glow City

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