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April 15th, 2070

_“EVO. Overstepping Their Corporate Reach?”
Kat o’ Nine Tales ‘Tells It Like It Is”

Novo Island.

You all know it, but what is it? The full name of this chunk of soil is “Novoe Nachalo,” meaning “A New Beginning” in Russian. Which begs the question, what beginning?…

…Technically within UCAS borders, EVO claims that since this 4sq mile island was man made by their corporation that it is not just under its legal control, but Novo is its own sovereign nation. I cannot tell you how many times I wish I could dump a ton of dirt into some water and claim it as my own personal country. Those would be the days….

…But seriously, what goes on there? Should we be worried? This isn’t just me talking after taking a big swig of the conspiracy water, it’s seriously weird. It’s like your neighbors coming in and erecting a fortress in your backyard and then forbidding you to step foot in it. What the hell is in our backyard Seattle?

November 24th, 2070

“Formal Presidential Candidate Takes On New Position of Governor”
Seattle Times

It is no surprise that Seattle businessman, and former Archconservative UCAS presidential candidate, Kenneth Brackhaven has attained the governor’s office….

…Some question his validity as Governor considering the only real opponent, Josephine Dzhugashvili, was forced to withdraw from the race after rumors surfaced of her suffering from AIPS (Artificially Induced Psychotropic Schizophrenia Syndrome) following a dumpshock-induced stroke in 2064….

…Last Thursday in his inaugural address, Governor Brackhaven called upon the citizens of Seattle “to bravely face the challenges awaiting us and the first generation that will see the dawn of the 22nd century, and make the Emerald City into a shining beacon of hope and opportunity in the world…”

… “Just so long as you have round ears,” said one citizen (ork) after attending the event. Brackhaven’s election, given ties with the Humanis Policlub and other radical pro-human groups, truly stunned the metahuman and Awakened communities of Seattle in a ‘it could never happen here’ kind of way. He continued on to say “Although it hasn’t materialized (yet) people are still talking about a replay of Vic the Quick’s administration and the lead-up to the Night of Rage, and say it is only a matter of time before Brackhaven and his cronies concoct some excuse for rounding up metahumans and putting them in camps (or burning warehouses, for that matter) ‘for the public good.”

December 1st, 2070

“Say What!?!”
Kat o’ Nine Tales ‘Tells It Like It Is”

He did not.

That’s pretty much what must have been going through every Lone Star employees head this morning. Governor Brackhaven has just announced that he is ending the contract with the law enforcement group and though the contract is set to end as of December 31st, no one figured that he wouldn’t renew. Now the contract has been handed off to Knight Errant…

… Leaving the question, can they handle this city? And, what’s to happen
with the thousands of Lone Star employees that will now be unemployed by the end of the month?..

April to December 2070

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