Sounder's Advice

Since we’ve first found out about The Lost they have been on everyone’s mind. Well, today I plan to delve into one of their minds. I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Lost member “Sam Hagar”…

S What number are you?
SH 56.

S Do you remember anything from before being found?
SH Not really, just bits and pieces.

S Such as?
SH Well…. I dunno. It’s weird. I have these dreams. First there’s an island and there is a bunch of weird writing everywhere. Then suddenly I’m in a room full of men shouting. These guys in black are all shouting at these guys in white. I’m in white as well. Then all of a sudden the black guys shoot at us and then there is this blue light that envelopes everyone and I wake up…. That’s really it. I mean, as far as actual MEMORIES go, I got nothing. Just the explosion.

S Do you think the dreams are significant?
SH Maybe… I want it to be. Anything to remember my past, you know? But I think they’re important. Others are getting them too.

S The same one?
SH Not everyone, but they’re all similar. Well, a few of us have them. Most people seem to be having like… domestic memories. Like family stuff. But those are all from the normal people who have found out who they are, like all the warehouse workers.

S Normal people?
SH Well, why is there a bunch of us who have NO IDEA who we are? That’s not normal.

Sounder's Advice

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