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We are people. We are fathers, sons, brothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, finally land-bound after months adrift on a sea of speculation and suspicion. We are coming home.

We are lost & found.


The very recent release of our imprisoned brethren comes with a bitter aftertaste. Two of our own were victims of what authorities called a random hate crime. Brutally beaten and then shot, it would seem that however random the encounter might have been, the intention was always to kill.

Annie Smith and 12 other members of The Lost were attacked upon attending the funeral of the aforementioned men. It would seem that in our release we have fallen “out of the frying pan and into the fire.” Fear and prejudice that we had not anticipated, but maybe should have, is rampant in the populace that was in support of keeping us behind bars.
Little did we know that the prison was not protecting them from us, but us from them…
I would like to take a moment to thank Governor Brackhaven. Perhaps there is hope for you yet. Ellie Ward, my condolences if your lady no longer allows you to wear her colors…A defeated knight is a pitiful sight.

Even if we have fallen into a blaze, we are creatures made from ashes- little phoenix chicks without a past. The fire is where we were born and its destructive heat will fuel our passion for life and steel us for the future. We are lost but we are not weak. The inferno is our home. We will look into the flames without fear.

~lost & found

We are people. We are fathers, sons, brothers, mothers, sisters, daughters adrift on a sea of speculation and suspicion with no land in sight.

We are lost & found.

May 12th, 2071

Born from the ashes of a spectacular blaze were 304 lost children, little phoenix chicks scratching helplessly at the ground for any sign of their mother, of their former selves. The land they were born into was shrouded in corruption and indifference. The king, lacking compassion, sent his knights to round up the chicks and lock them away. But phoenixes are by nature creatures that value the freedom of the open sky and so a few of the strongest and most cunning broke the locks of their cages with the help of a few kind dendroids and flew away.

These wild birds are now the most valuable prey of the King’s knights.
Knight Errant- It’s funny, the phrase was once associated with chivalry, romanticism, and roguish charm, but the Knight Errant of 2071 is anything but.

Ellie Ward, whose name did you invoke before you set out to perform the noble task of detaining innocent, confused citizens? What damsel is impressed by the worsening conditions, the miasma of doubt, suspicion and discrimination that clouds the Knight Errant’s Head Quarters and prison facility? When you slip into bed beside the lovely Michelle Ayers every night, does she shower you with her affections for a job well done? Does she wave her kercheif in tearful farewell each morning you leave home, fierce pride and love shining in her eyes? Next time you see your fair maiden, think of how you might feel if she were locked away, never to be released because she is the victim of a circumstance that raises too many questions. Think of her alone, confused, and scared. Think of her without the memories of your love to warm her. Do these thoughts make you quake from outrage or are you an unfeeling suit of armor? A tin man who will never realize he’s lost his heart…

Governor Brackhaven, if you truly are a leader and representative of the people of Seattle, shouldn’t your hand stroke the heads of the lost children with the same benevolence it does for other citizens?

If the whispers are true and you only serve a select few, why do attempt to claim differently by continuing to serve as our leader? These questions may seem overly simple, but if the simplest questions cannot be answered, what use are more complex ones?

Despite less than favorable circumstances, we have hope that this world we’ve been reborn into is not so covered in darkness as it seems. We have hope that one day we will all be able to spread our wings and uncover the secrets of our origins, of our past selves, and maybe then find a place in this world alongside everyone else…

~lost & found

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As a fellow blogger, welcome to our humble community. New sites pop up all the time, but I got a feeling about you.
~Kat o’ Nine Tails

Sounds like you know you’re shit. Glad you made it out of the prison break (just a guess, but am I wrong?).
Very well put, by the way. Memory or not, you’ve got quite the way with words.

“Sounds like you know you’re shit.” Not only does it appear our new friend here may be one of the Lost (my bet’s on #188) but they’re the one we should be thanking for posting all the Knight Errant dossiers on all of them. Clearly our Lost Friend here has got connections. (high up ones at that)

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