Lost Shadows

Suzie-Q's Journal

We did it! We got them out!

It took a while, but it was worth it. They even let me DO something for once. Well, a few weeks ago I went with the gang to that fancy resturant (I HAVE NEVER TASTED FOOD SO GOOD…. I think… hah). I cleverly put a camera on Fuzzy (may he Rest In Peace) to follow and see what Brackhaven was up to… I don’t think I can ever get that image out of my head.

Anyway, with all the footage we got of Brackhaven scheming and sexing we managed to “convince” him to let the rest of us go from prison. I can’t believe he is being told to keep the lost imprisoned… I wonder who runs his sex bot…

…He may be kinda heartless, but not even he likes his dirty laundry aired out in front of his family. I was kinda hoping to let it go public though, he can’t be allowed to sell people out like that. He needs to be brought to justice…

…He even pardoned those of us that escaped. Now maybe I’ll be able to leave this stupid apartment and get out in the city. Annie says soon I’ll be able to go to school and get to be my own age. Mingle. UGH. I don’t care about school. I wanna help out. People “my age” (which is what again?) are juvenile idiots. At least the few of them I have met. Screw them. I wanna help, I wanna do something meaningful…

…They don’t like me asking too many questions about the resistance. It’s only when they can use my skills that they seem to care. Once they’re done they just lock me away in the house like they don’t know I exist. I’m nothing but a nuisance. At least Ludo seems to care…. and Conrad and Salem too….

… I had the dream again (obviously). But this time was different. This time I remember.


What the fuck does Kookla mean?



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