Lost Shadows

Annie Smith's Memoir

The Escape

We’ve made it out. 7 were lost in the escape, but it was still better than I anticipated.

304 of us have completely lost our memory. The first thing we all remember is the explosion. Since then, the Knights seem to think we are the threat. We are the victims here, and their treatment of us is deplorable. Death row inmates get better treatment than we did.

With the help of Rocky and his brother. We orchestrated an escape. I don’t think it would have gone over as well if it weren’t for my fellow cell mates. I knew that Ludo would have come in handy with the guards, but I had no idea what brutality was within little Salem…

Once we got to the safe-house we began to organize. I believe it was Conrad who coined the term “Find the Lost”. He’s been a great help in putting together a movement. That boy is clever.

Together with some of the activists we are setting up safe-houses to try and reintegrate us back into society. I will stay well hidden as we need someone to the represent us to the public. The others will remain anonymous so they can blend into society.

We have long days ahead…

So far I have no memory, though I hear some people get flashes in dreams.

Now we look to the future. I am encouraging others to keep a diary as well, I feel like it will end up important and maybe unlock clues to our past.




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